About Naked Yoga

Bare yourself and your Soul – Exploring yoga as play with Sensory Energetics Naked Yoga and Movement. I teach Sensory Energetics in groups or in private sessions at my studio in Oakland.

What You Can Expect in a Private Session

This work focuses on opening up the body, mostly the energy of the hips to help increase male sexual energy, and the chest using yogic postures and breathing techniques. I keep my studio warm with low lights – my teaching style is soft and gentle. Each session will be geared to what you bring in, what you’d like to work on or challenges you have in your body and your own practice.

An individual session or two with me may help you get more comfortable with your body, working toward participating in a group class at the Heartwalker Studio in Oakland. The most important aspect for you to bring to a session is the ability to breathe. Breathing throughout the session intensifies the whole experience; how you are breathing provides much information regarding areas of tension or painful spots, and your willingness to trust the process and be present in your body.

What You Can Expect from the Sensory Energetics Class

As a newborn baby, we begin to move unclothed and unfettered – here is a chance to get back to that natural state, moving among men without the limitations of the clothing we wear. Sensory Energetics is about changing the relationship to our bodies, helping to bring men back home into their skin through somatic movement exercises, postures to enliven sexual potency, re-learning to breathe, and using sound to energetically build an erotic charge. It is about lengthening and aligning the body through awareness while making connections with other men in a safe and warm atmosphere. For me, the class is all about opening and connection, about learning the language of the body in its sensations, emotions, and inner knowing – the felt sense.

Sensory Energetics Naked Yoga and Movement is perfect for specifically opening up the pelvis and allowing the erotic energy to move freely. From the tantric model, we will explore sex as dance and as celebration with another. In addition to movement and yoga postures, we will be exploring mindfulness, tracking, tantric micro-movements, toning and vibrational healing – which can make a big difference in how a man moves in his body.

The Naked Yoga class is a safe place to explore with other men who are equally interested in growing spiritually and erotically – an opportunity to meet and share, to touch and be touched, to move and be moved from the inside out.

For questions or to learn more, please call 510-910-0571 or contact us here.